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Bike Hotel in Castagneto Carducci

For us… bike is a passion!

Zi Martino was the first Bike Hotel in Castagneto Carducci

Fausto’s father, Carlo Guarguaglini, the founder of Zi Martino was a professional cyclist in the late ’50s and early ’60s and ran in Charly Gaul’s Team.

He went on to host the first professional teams in Tuscany before the time of cycle tourism.

Zi Martino today is a landmark known and appreciated by all fans of the pedal and the numerous professional teams who gather here to spend periods of training during the winter.

It is also a destination for cyclists and bikers who are searching for an attractive location, family atmosphere, hospitality and the great responsibility of the Guarguaglino family .

The location is nothing short of strategic, in the heart of the Etruscan Coast, a paradise for wheels and pedals featuring an incredible variety of trails suitable for everyone, from families to the most demanding professionals, from the convinced road racer to the more adventurous bikers.

Among the teams who have chosen Zi Martino are Motorola with Armstrong (World Champion), Lampre’s Camenzind (also a world champion) Gilberto Simoni(“Gibo”), Boogerd of Rabobank.

Among the usual camp includes two former Americans pros Andy Hampsten and Davis Phinney.

Andy Hampsten: “As a runner, cyclist and Castagnetano by adoption, I come to Zi Martino because I feel at home. And it is there that I see my teammates, an appointment at Zi Martino is now a well-established habit. Roads nearby are the best for those who want to train. “

Connie Carpenter: “We come here for the excellent cycling conditions, but it’s really a wonderful hotel and the Guarguaglini family makes our trips here perfect.”

Maurizio Fondriest: “I found this hotel while preparing in 1993 the most successful season of my career (at least 26 victories !) . Since then Zi Martino is the Lampre winter lair, the roads here are particularly beautiful from the technical point of view and you can ride in complete safety to the almost total absence of traffic. “

Paolino Bettini: “I live a few miles from here and I often go to meet Guarguaglini, tell stories about the exciting moments and technical implications of the last race. There is a right environment for those who live in close contact with the bike and the hotel is located in the center of an area that seems invented for those who enjoy cycling. “

Oscar Camenzind: “A slogan for this place? Cycling twelve months a year! It is never too cold, and it rains very little, even in winter and the temperature is always pleasant. Great place, hotel ok for cycling.”

Gilberto Simoni: “The inland roads offer beautiful views of Tuscany’s most authentic and less publicized parts, pedal for miles without encountering cars! And then there’s fun to be had: the routes to Castagneto, Sassetta, Suvereto are technically amazing. Zi Martino? Back at the hotel after a long ride is just a great feeling. “


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